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KAWA_Winery in La Rioja



In the exchange program of CEU San Pablo University, students had to attend for a 6-months project by designing a winery. The project started from designing a wine bottle within a month, which could introduce the basic knowledge of wine production process in Spain to the students from different cultures.

The main project was actually comes after the first month, students had to design a winery. The site is located in one of the representative wine hometowns in Spain-La Rioja.

In this project, the way people dealed with the relation between nature and the wine production chain was very crucial. For my design, three volumes were placed between the river and the field that represented the cycle of wine’s life-from grapes to bottles. Furthermore, volumes were lower at the river part to show humble through the nature, which could also create a comfortable corridor for visitors to enjoy their wines beneath the river.