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Level Design Practice_EP2_The Chinese Garden Maze


Genre : Third-Person Shooter
Setting : Chinese Garden, Maze, Coin Collecting
Tools : Maya, Unity
Level Focus : Level Layout, Detail Narrative, Unlinear Maze

The Chinese Garden Maze

The Chinese Garden Maze is one of the small project based on Emilia Schatz’s course_Level Design for Games. The level is an unlinear maze that contains with various areas, the context is inspired by the concept of Chinese garden that traditional architecture blending with the nature. Players will experience different areas and try to find out all the coins and treasures.

Game Scenes

The Chinese Garden Maze full map

The view of the temple

A glance of the gate

The stalactite cave path to the back of the gate

The secret path

Tomb behind the rock

The path to the sacrifice graveyard

The ruin of the Chinese altar

The way to the forest altar

The forest altar

The view on the bridge

Dilemma choice

A secret house on another side

The hermit house

What happened...?

Way to the temple

Combat space

The treasure box