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Level Design Practice_EP3_The Nature Labyrinth


Genre : Third-Person Shooter
Setting : Emotion Trip, Labyrinth, Coin Collecting
Tools : Maya, Unity
Level Focus : Level Layout, Detail Narrative, Linear Maze

The Nature Labyrinth

The Nature Labyrinth is one of the small project based on Emilia Schatz’s course_Level Design for Games. The level is mainly creating an emotion trip, there are three main elements in the map could be explored- Artificial buildings, The Waterfall Canyon, and The Forest, during gameplay players will experience various spatial sequence, which will provide them with different feeling during gameplay. As a linear maze, players could easily find the main path to the final goal, but if they slow down the pace, there are also some eastern eggs could be found as well.

Game Scenes

The Nature Labyrinth full map

The starting room

A glance to the secret area

Secret altar behind the wall

Vista on the top

After combat on the vista

The view on the vista

The depress path between buildings

The abandoned altar

The gate to the waterfall canyon

The waterfall canyon

The altar behind the waterfall

Way to the forest

Vista up on the forest

The secret path get down to the forest

Dead body under the forest

The entrance of the palace area

The clue behind the falling door 

A glance of the altar ruin area

The altar ruin area

The secret rock altar up on the hill

The narrow path inside the palace

A glance to the treasure box

Find the treasure!