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Level Design Practice_Final_The Temple Hills


Genre : Third-Person Shooter
Setting : Emotion Trip, Labyrinth, Coin Collecting
Tools : Maya, Unity
Level Focus : Level Layout, Detail Narrative, Linear Maze

The Temple Hills

The Temple Hills represents the culmination of my level design projects, drawing upon my extensive experience in creating immersive game environments. Based on Emilia Schatz's "Level Design for Games" course, this level seamlessly blends a variety of elements from my previous projects. Beginning in a cave, players are soon immersed in a vast open world, with numerous areas to explore and progress through, including the Canyon Village, Silence Coast, Collapsed Nature, and Buddha Arena. Each area offers its own unique challenges and combat encounters, while maintaining a sense of cohesive space and flow. Ultimately, the player must collect all coins and discover the hidden treasure, creating a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience.

Game Scenes

The Temple Hills full map

AREA 1 : The Hidden Cave(Level Starts)

The starting tunnel

The open area and first vista of the level

First coin before the Bandit Village

AREA 2 : The Bandit Canyon Village

The Bandit Village Entrance

Locked Gate                                                                 Detour                                                                  Hidden Coin

Abandoned House

House Outside                                                                                                   Coin and Corpse

The Canyon Vista

Canyon Path                                                             Canyon Vista                                                         Hidden Coin

The Bandit Village Entrance

Critical Path behind the Houses                                                                                      Village Courtyard             

Village Combat Encounter

Indoor Arena                                                                                                       Courtyard Arena

AREA 3 : The Death Canal

The Death Canal Entrance

Broken Gate                                                                                                 Coins around port

The Fork

Fork to the right

Path to elective content                                                                                       Hidden coin                   

Fork to the left

Path to underground canal                                                                                     Hidden coin               

Underground Canal

Canal Start                                                             Canal Mid                                                              Canal End

Dike Path(Critical Path)

AREA 4 : The Waterfall Hills

Hidden Coins

Elective Content- The Monk Graveyard

Path to Bandit Post

Bandit Post Encounter

AREA 5 : The Buddha Plaza

Buddha Plaza Entrance

Path to the plaza                                                                                                  Glance of coin

Buddha Plaza Encounter

FINAL AREA : The Temple of Sky

The Dragon Gate

Temple Entrance

Climb up The Temple 

Find the treasure!

HIDDEN AREA : The Waterfall Vista

Path to the next level