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NASA_Mars City Design_Erebus the Magnetic Hovering City



What if in the future, humans immigrate to Mars, how will the city look like?

Erebus is a level, environment, urban planning and AR project that talks about leviation, magnetism, and reconfiguration. The project was collaborate with Mars City Design program and made for NASA exhibition.

In this project, we think about the new kinds of city and life ways on Mars. Base on the landscapes and climate on Mars, we turned one of the most popular landscape - meteor crater to the foundation for the urban design.

Each crater could be a cluster of town, and lots of them could be connected as a massive urban system.

Since the advantage of gravity on Mars, we took leviation as the main concept and implented the magnetic system in the design of single crater city. As a city that is generally floating, the design provides a flexible reconfiguration chance for humans to adapt the various and rigorous environment on Mars.