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ORIYA_Chaoma Bus Station



The Chaoma bus station project was a 2 month-studio of construction study in the 4th grade at Tunghai university. In the first 2 weeks, the project started from analyzing an individual abstract art work, afteranalyzing the art work by mimicking model, everyone had to decide a construction system which could mostly represent the original study.

In the second phase of the studio, students had to utilize the construction system which they chose to address with real problems in the city-massive transportations, public activities, physical environment, etc.

In this project, folded plate structure was the main structural system. By creating a continued space, passengers could fluently recognize the circulation of the bus station, which was more convenient and efficient for them to catch on their bus. The folding rooftop also provided special space experience by refracting natural lights and made it more recognizable for passengers in the city.