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SUMERU_Level_The Hover Trunk

Camera : Third-Person
Setting : Volcano, Forest, Lake, City
New Mechanic : Dance, Climbing, Swimming, Super Jump
Level Focus : Exploration, Action, Narrative

The World Tree Map- Level “The Hover Trunk”

The hover trunk is one of the most complex level in the game.

In this level players will not only following the parade route, but also need to terminate obstacles to find out the path to go.

The special gate in this level has more functions :

1. Trigger dances and terminate obstacles.

2. Trigger dances and change the phase of the level from chaos to harmony.

3. Plays the role as landmarks.

4. Help players going to another path.

The Hover Trunk - Gameplay Minimum Scene

1. When players get out from the previous level, the first scene that pop out in their eyes are huge mushrooms and the special gate. After the exploration of two previous levels, players might know that they should go to the special gate and see what will happen.

2. This first gate of the level will trigger the dance movement and terminate the first obstacle - the huge blue mushroom. After the mushroom gone, players will see the next special gate with a floating bridge.

3. After pass through the second special gate, the hover bridge will take players to another branch, and players will see other special gates as next goals.  

4. Since purple mushrooms cover the whole path, players need to find a way to terminate them. Base on the experience of terminate blue mushrooms, they’ll know that they have to walk through the next special gate. However, this special gate is the one to terminate green mushrooms but not purple.

5.  Since the green mushroom dissapear, players can reach the shrine now. When they get to the shrine, they’ll start the rebuild dance and three things will happen - flowers on tree will start growing; leaves will transition from orange to green; purple mushrooms will dissapear. Players can get to the next path since mushrooms gone.

6. Following the green light, players will see the rope to climb. After climbing on the rope, they’ll see the next special gate which indicate the way to next level.

7. After passing the special gate, players can follow the lanterns on the floor and go inside the trunk again. This is the entrance of the next level “The Iris Lake”.