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SUMERU_Level_The Iris Lake

Camera : Third-Person
Setting : Volcano, Forest, Lake, City
New Mechanic : Dance, Climbing, Swimming, Super Jump
Level Focus : Exploration, Action, Narrative

The World Tree Map - Level “The Iris Lake”

The Iris Lake is the last level of The World Tree map.

Since this level, the parade route no longer only defined by hanging lanterns, gates, and shrines, but also combined with different forms of lanterns and natural items.

In this level, players will try a new movement - swimming.

The Iris Lake - Gameplay Minimum Scene

1. When players follow pink lanerns go into the trunk, they’ll see a tunnel with blue lanterns. The tunnel is the connection between the trunk and the lake.

2. After jump out from the tunnel, players will see the lake with water lanterns attract them to swim closer. When they swim close enough to lanterns, they’ll see the main goal - the under water shrine.

3. Players can dive down to reach the center of the shrine. When they reach the shrine, they’ll start dancing the resurrection dance. The dance will summon different colors of iris, and also call out the pink iris trace on the water surface. The trace will guide players to the iris wall.

4. When players get out from water, they’ll see the pink iris wall. The pink iris wall indicates the way to climb out from this level, and get to the next map - The Town Machine.