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SUMERU_Level_The Lava Pool

Camera : Third-Person
Setting : Volcano, Forest, Lake, City
New Mechanic : Dance, Climbing, Swimming, Super Jump
Level Focus : Exploration, Action, Narrative

The Volcano Elder Map - Level “The Lava Pool”

In the first level “The Lava Pool”, the whole environment is attacked from wild fire, and players need to find the shrine to deminish wild fire and bring the balance back.

There are few goals for players in this level :

1.  Show the story of the game world and let them know what to follow and what the goal is.

2. Show them the mechanic of dancing and climbing so they will know how to explore the game world.

3. Let players know when they reach “The Special Gate” and “The Transition Shrine” something will happens and will help them to find out the next step, therefore, players will know what they are looking for when they reach a new map.

The Lava Pool - Gameplay Minimum Scene

1. When the game start, first things players will see are the instruction/narrative texts and the special gate. Those two objects will attract players walk closer to check it out.

2. When players walk closer, they’ll see immediately the shrine and stairs as landmark, so they’ll have the basic sense of where to go next.

3. When players pass through the special gate they’ll start dancing and the landmark lanterns will light up, so players will know more specifically of places to go. Additionally, I design this task for players so they’ll have the sense that when they reach any special gate something will happen.

4. When players reach the landmark lantern, they’ll see the stairs to climb up, which also introduce a new moving mechanics of the game.

5. When players reach the center of shrine they’ll start dancing “The purify dance”. After the dancing, all the wild fire will gone, and the first level back to balance. In this task, players will learn about the functionality of shrines and know the final goal of each level.

6. After get out of the shrine, players will climb on the rope to the next level - “The Mushroom Forest”.