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SUMERU_Level_The Mushroom Forest

Camera : Third-Person
Setting : Volcano, Forest, Lake, City
New Mechanic : Dance, Climbing, Swimming, Super Jump
Level Focus : Exploration, Action, Narrative

The World Tree Map - Level “The Mushroom Forest”

“The Mushroom Forest” is a small level between “The Lava Pool” and “The Hover Trunk”, which plays the role to connect two different landscape creatures.

In this level, there are no special gates and shrines, but mostly moving vertically.

There are two main goals in this level :

1. Teach players different kinds of climbing points.

2. Showing the inner part of the trunk, so players will know there are more levels inside.

The Mushroom Forest - Gameplay Minimum Scene

1.  When players climb up the vine, they’ll immediately see different lights seperate different parts of the space.

2. Follow each side of purple light, players will move their sight up and found out the shinning mushroom. Both shinning mushroom path and lanterns are intersect at the upper part of the space.
In between two purple space is the red space, which indicate players to follow the cable on the ground to find the shinning mushroom path.

3. At this phase, players will first time know that not only “Stairs” or “Ropes” could be climbed, but other natural objects are able to climb.

4. After players climb on the mushroom wall, they will see the landmark light inicates the destination of this level.

5. After reaching the landmark light, players will see the exit of this level, and get ready to go to next level “The Hover Trunk”.