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SUMERU_Level_The Nonstop Town and The Engine Altar

Camera : Third-Person
Setting : Volcano, Forest, Lake, City
New Mechanic : Dance, Climbing, Swimming, Super Jump
Level Focus : Exploration, Action, Narrative

The Town Machine Map - Levels “The Nonstop Town” and “The Engine Altar”

The Town Machine is the last map of the whole game. This map icludes one big level “The Nonstop Town” and one small level “The Engine Altar".

In this map, players will follow the last part of parade route to discover a vertical gameworld. There are several places cannot be reached without special movements. Therefore, the special gate will provide the last function - super jump for players.

The Town Machine is facing the trouble of poisoning gas, which is also emitted by itself. As the last disaster to solve, players will see the difference of the whole world after the fully transitioning from chaos to harmony.

The Nonstop Town and The Engine Altar - Gameplay Minimum Scene

1. After getting out from The Iris Lake, players will see the lanterns guiding them to the entrance of The Town Machine.

2. While players walking closer to the entrance gate, they’ll see the lantern stands beside a ledder. Although the ledder provides the same climbing mechanics for players, the difference between natural items and artificial items will provide players the sense of changing context from natural landscapes to artificial landscapes.   

3. After climb up the ledder, players will see a long bridge lead to another ground. From the entrance of the bridge, players could see the special gate and the lantern path guiding the way to go.

4. When players reach the first special gate, they’ll immediately see the next one. The second gate provides the function of super jump.

5. After jump on this stage, players will follow the sequence of lanterns to the biggest special gate of the game, which will trigger a mega jump so players can reach the upper part of the tower.

6. When players arrive the top part of the tower, they’ll see the continuos trace of lanterns navigate them to keep going. On the way they’ll also see another artificial item to climb up
- the cable.

7. Follow the lanterns, players will see a ledder taking them up to the small level “The Engine Altar”.

8. After arrive The Engine Altar, players will see the special gate to get through, while it’s impossible to just jump up.

9. Sine engine floors are moving up and down unevenly, players need to go through the end of The Engine Altar, where the floor moves extremely so they can jump from the moving floor to the same height as the special gate. After they reach the special gate, players will trigger the last super jump to cross over the highest floating gear.

10. After get on the next stage, players keep following the lanterns, and they’ll see the top shrine.

11. When players get to the last shrine, it’ll trigger the last dancing to clean up poisoning gas. The shrine will also carry players pass through the whole world to see the harmony they bring back, and fly away from the world. From the further point to see the world, its back to balance. Players will get the last massage and figure out it’s them - humans interrupt the world as a chaos variable, after human’s leaving, the world can keep the balance.....