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Sun Chaser_Real Dominants


Sun Chaser is a graphic novel that talks about a new era after apocalypse, when city has it’s own life and dominant people; when “Sun” becomes a sparse resource and no longer available for everyone; when people can only know sun by pictures and stories...


What is the definition of creatures? Someone would say animals and plants are creatures; while others say planets are creatures as well. For me, skyscrapers are creatures that own the ability to manipulate human’s minds and actions.

In one scene of graphic novel - “Sun Chaser”, skyscrapers showing their “Humanity” up on the cloud, where people cannot really observe all the time. When people keep building skyscrapers as the competition-icon with each other, no one knows that, actually it is skyscrapers controlling humans to build them. The property that people give those “Architectural Creatures” allows them to dominate the in-depth desire of human beings, such as the power of politics, finance, entertainments, authorities, religions.

When the progressing of technologies provides the power for humans to dominate the world, who knows that we are not being controlled by other creatures as well?