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Sun Chaser_The Babel Tower, The Human-Sun and Photons


Sun Chaser is a graphic novel that talks about a new era after apocalypse, when city has it’s own life and dominant people; when “Sun” becomes a sparse resource and no longer available for everyone; when people can only know sun by pictures and stories...


The Babel Tower is the route of sublimation for "Photons". By ascending from The Babel Tower, Photons will gather spherically to become a simulative sun. The human-sun represents their belief of "The Sun"--beyond, complete, and bright. They believe that only by this process can they surpass the limitation of the dark age, and find the way back to the golden era.

Every three months, a new chosen Photon is accepted to walk through "The Milky Way" to climb on The Babel Tower. Compare with normal Photons, chosen Photons are painted by white textures, the color differentiate their hierarchy in the SunChasers group.

"Six" is the saint number of transcendency in the SunChasers religious. Accordingly, there are six levels of The Babel Tower, and only six white Photons can stay inside the tower spontaneously. Therefore, when a new Photon joining the tower, an old one will ascend to the human-sun to complete the whole sublimation as a Photon.

This coronation is the most important festival in the SunChasers religious, all of the members in the world are dreaming to witness the festival, but only few of them can afford the expensive ticket.

The tradition started from years 187 of Dark Era and continues for a century until now.