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Sun Chaser_The Baptism


Sun Chaser is a graphic novel that talks about a new era after apocalypse, when city has it’s own life and dominant people; when “Sun” becomes a sparse resource and no longer available for everyone; when people can only know sun by pictures and stories...


After almost two centuries of darkness, some people believed that "the Sun" really existed, that it was not just a bed time story for children. Those people started to reconnected with "the Sun". It was their belief that artificial lights in the city seperated them from the natural lightness. These people became known as the sun chasers.

Anyone who wants to acend to the next level in SunChase religion need to be baptized. Its a ceremony in which they use a special paint to make themselves shine. They believe this process links humans to natural sunlight, and through this baptism they become part of the sun.
Those believers who have been baptized are then called " Photons."

When the progressing of technologies provides the power for humans to dominate the world, who knows that we are not being controlled by other creatures as well?