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Trap Mansion_Environment and Level Design


Camera : Third-Person
Tool : Call of Duty Mod Tools
Setting : Victorian Mansion/Crazy Lab
Level Focus : Level of Detail, Narrative


The Trap Mansion is a practice of level details and environment design base on the “Call of Duty Mod Tools”. The purpose of design the world is to show the abilities of designing both exterior and interior spaces to a high levels of detail and simultaneously tell a story.

The story of Trap Mansion is about a retired soldier who couldn’t stop his desire to stalking and controlling people.

He found an abandoned victorian mansion and use all of his money to renovate it to his private hunting place.

The abandoned appearance of the building is a trap to attract teenagers to come for an adventure.

Certainly, they are the prey for the owner.

Eventually, police and soldiers come to the building to catch him while he is in his secret room.

However, he still escapes after the battle, the story of the mansion is continuing......

Trap Mansion Exterior

The Trap Mansion Space Design

Design Details

The Working Area

The working area is the place for the owner to monitor all his “guests” and also let him to prepare himself for any future fight. Hence, there are three main spaces in the working area - the work station, the gym, and the weapon repairing stand. Additionally, players can also find the clue of victims under the weapon repairing stand.

The Livingroom

The livingroom is the place for the owner to relax himself with a little wine and cigarette. Although after he escaped from police the whole room is ruined, but we still can find the evidence of his life from various objects in the room. Players can also find another clue on the wall in this area.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most private space of the room. The owner mostly using this space to address with more private works. This was the last place before the owner escape from the room. Therefore, players can find more clues under the fallen television on his personal desks. Besides, players can also see the trace of his escaping on the broken window nearby.

The Balcony

The balcony reveals the trace that the owner used for escape. All the bloods, fallen chairs, dump bells, cracks tell the story of the rush battle.